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Indeed, communication is a key to success, without a good understanding, you can lose a deal. But
how can you improve your communication skills? Here are 6 ps to be a communicaon’s pros.

I. Be clear about what you want to transmit

An important thing in communication is words’ choice. If you already know you aren’t at ease,
remember a universal rule “Less is more”. Don’t make your speech longer than it should be, that
way your interlocutor will be even more confused.

II. Be prepared

When you aren’t at ease, it’s easy to lose your words. To go against that, prepare what you have to say, the possible objections or questions and your answers. That way, when time will come, you’ll be ready. The last thing you want is to stuFer.

III. Be aware of nonverbal communicaon

Theirs and YOURS. Indeed, we mostly take attention of our interlocutor, every gesture, every eye contact, every facial expression. When you’re stressed, you see all of them. But you seem to forget that they also can see them on you. If you want to look at ease, you can speak with your hand in order to explain your speech. If you have only one interlocutor, you can look to a straight point in front of you, that way you will not look at every single detail of the room (don’t look your
interlocutor in the eye, none of you will be comfortable). But if there is a lot of people, like in conference, be sure to look everywhere, that way, people don’t feel put aside. Also, SMILE! Not just to look good, but for your brain. The human brain doesn’t make the difference between fantasy and reality. If you smile, you send a positive message to your brain who will think something good is happening.


The way you talk means a lot. Your tone can add power like it can remove credibility to your speech.
Your tone should also support what you say, as example, imagine announcing someone’s death with
a big smile or hosting a huge party while crying, there would have no sense, right? Well, during a
speech it’s the same thing, it has to be fitted.


To be fully prepared you need to be aware of your flaws and advantages. And who can do it beFer
than your friends or family? When your speech is ready, repeat it in front of them and be greedy of
critics. They are not here to be mean, they are here to tell you in which points you’re doing great and which ones you should work more on. That way, you can work on your flaws and put in light
your advantages.


Finally, be confident! I know, it’s easy to say, less to do, but you have to believe in you and your. capacities. The real secret, it’s to remember why you do it and the adrenaline will do the rest. Don’t ever lose your objectives in mind, it is what’s keeping you doing things you would have never thought you capable of.


Now that you have all the keys, nothing refrain you from doing big things, and you will do it, because you CAN and have ALL the capacies. So, NEVER stop believing in you!

    Laure-Andrea FIRMINY


    C/O The Accountancy Partnership Suite 5, 5th Floor City Reach, 5 Greenwich View Place, London, England, E14 9NN Registration number 13674979